A Little Bit About Me...

I grew up constantly pursuing artistic outlets and was always that kid on the floor drawing and coloring.   As a child, I spent many years traveling with my family all over the United States and internationally.  I’ve lived in a highrise, on a farm, in the desert, in the suburbs, and in a camper.  In the recent years I've lived in California and Australia and have visited many asian countries and Belgium.  I love traveling and all of those unique experiences have greatly influenced how I see the world and my vision for my art.   I plan to travel more in the near future.  


I have always had a strong interest in art, but I’ve never taken any art classes.  In fact, when I went to college I joined Army ROTC to become an army nurse.  But I ended up getting married and having three beautiful little girls.  It’s been difficult pursuing art while my children were very young, but now I have a little more time to really focus my attention on it.  


I’ve tried nearly all mediums and have always enjoyed painting the most.  Where I feel a little awkward with a pencil, a brush just feels like an extension of my fingers and my paintings  seem like they paint themselves.  In 2013, I started painting in oils and they truly spoke to me.  I enjoy painting still lifes and landscapes the most and I love capturing their movement and the emotions I feel when I see them.  My hope is that my artwork brings joy and beauty into people’s lives.  


I currently live in Dayton, Ohio.

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